Improvised Shark Tank

Improvised Shark Tank One of the sharks on Shark Tank once said, “A brilliant idea doesn’t guarantee a successful invention. Real magic comes from a brilliant idea combined with willpower, tenacity, and a willingness to make mistakes.” So when collaborating comedians Kendall Keener and Kathryn Marie Whisler threw out an idea to their partner, Matt Vida, suggesting they do a … Read More

From the High to the Low to the End of the Show with Phoebe Robinson

Eastville Comedy Club Phoebe Robinson

“I am your Nordstrom Rack version of Oprah today.” Yes, Phoebe Robinson loves Billy Joel and is fully obsessed with U2, and she taught Oprah the word “peen,” which you will know about her if you have been a fan of Two Dope Queens, the podcast she started in her Brooklyn apartment, which is now an HBO show. Phoebe is from … Read More

The Truth About Janeane Garafolo

Eastville Comedy Club Janeane Garofalo

She whirled and twirled to My Sherona in the 7-11 and folded the f**k out of shirts at the GAP in Reality Bites. She also poignantly and incredibly captured the angst of a young woman afraid she would be delivered a life sentence after taking an AIDS test in the diner scene in that movie—a moment anyone who lived through … Read More