Krystyna Hutchinson

Krystyna Hutchinson is a comedian, writer, and actor, and is most commonly known as the other half to the comedic duo Sorry About Last Night… (alongside Corinne Fisher), co-host of Podcast “Guys We’ve F*cked,” and the co-author of F*cked: Being Sexually Explorative and Self-Confident in a World That’s Screwed (2017).

Stand Up History

After graduating from Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA in Acting, Hutchinson held an internship at a talent management company – her day job, while she pursued comedy in her off time. She continued her training in improv and sketch comedy at The PIT and Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre and would work the New York comedy club circuit after hours. Having recently met Corinne Fisher on the job, Hutchinson sent Fisher an invite to attend to a show she was playing; Fisher showed up and just like that, the comedy duo magic was sparked.

Comedic Duo Sorry About Last Night…

In 2013, being twenty-somethings themselves with minimal income to spare but a desire to build their comedy careers, Hutchinson and Fisher took their talents to whatever small theaters would have them – and only charged $6 for a ticket to their hilarity.  They’d host house-party-esque shows where the audience would be involved, the drinks were cheap (or free), and the vibes were fellow young and broke 20-somethings.

Word spread fast, and the shows were soon moved to larger venues that would pack house as well, including Brooklyn Winery and The PIT (and today sells out houses of 350 seats or more).

They wrote their first show in 2013, launching an internet phenomenon in the form of casual conversation, hilarious music videos such as You Don’t Live Here, and even a weekly Girls on Girls show (it’s not what you think – it’s their weekly recap of HBO’s GIRLS). They continue to tour the college circuit in both a comedic and philanthropic capacities, including a 2016 TED talk at UNC where they focused on how self-worth is formed in the modern era, and encouraged the audience to ask themslves how much they think they’re worth.

Current Comedy

Hutchinson and Fisher openly dub themselves as “anti-slut-shaming; that means being totally honest about who we are and what we do” – their brand centers on invincibility, whether it’s in the face of a job you hate or a dude that just won’t get out after a night sleeping together.  They launched their podcast Guys We’ve F*cked in 2013, at the time with only about 5,000 listeners per episode. It’s grown to over 1 million listeners worldwide and remains in iTunes’ Top 50 overall podcasts, whiling holding a steady position in the Top 5 Comedy Podcasts (and has reached #1).

The podcast itself is savage hilarity: the two interview men they’ve slept with along with moguls in the sex and comedy industries discuss all things sex, and create a generally sex-positive environment for their listeners.

Their always hilarious, sometimes crude comedic prowess is such a crowd-pleaser that their live podcast recording show at Canada’s Just for Laughs Festival sold out within hours, and a second recording of the show had to be added (which also sold out). They’ve continued to sell out shows nationwide alongside comedians including Dane Cook, Owen Benjamin, and Neal Brennan.

In 2017, the duo published their book, bringing podcast to page in the form of a top-rated crowd favorite.

In addition to cohosting one of Comedy’s top-performing podcasts, Hutchinson co-hosts GLAMOURPUSS with comedian Wendi Starling, a monthly variety show featuring an ever-rotating lineup of performers, comedians, musicians, contortionists. Hosted at Zinc Jazz Bar in the West Village, it sells out every show. GLAMOURPUSS has welcomed notable acts including Artie Lange, Lynne Koplitz, and Mike Birbiglia.

Hutchinson has been in Aziz Ansaris’ Master of None, been a guest on Last Call with Carson Daly, and has worked behind the scenes at SNL. She has also written for Glamour Magazine and Splitsider, and has been featured in Esquire, Vogue, Huffington Post, and more.

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